Comet Syntax highlighting and Auto-completion

Long time no post here 🙂 well i was working on my master thesis, and it’s about Air Traffic Management using constraint based local search. Comet language provides a high level solver for constraint based local search problems. it’s one of the best available, and considering the new version 1.1 we can expect much more including global search.

Unfortunately, Comet doesn’t come with any source code editor, except the old emacs mode available from the wiki page which is very simple. since I’m using Notepad++ for many of my source editing I thought maybe it can be a good idea to try and make a syntax highlighter plugin for Notepad++ that supports Comet language. Also it turns out that i could even make an Auto-completion feature for Comet under Notepad++.

So here is the result:


I also made another code to read the help documents from Comet and generate an xml API so that it can be used as the Auto-completion plugin for Notepad++. Here’s how it looks like:



All in all, it’s not still the best since Notepad++ has some shortcomings, as it can’t provide a list of parameters for overloaded functions that i hope will be added in later releases.

Here is the link to download the plugin: comet_api

*Remember to turn on Auto-completion option in Notepad++ Settings->Preference…
The installation process is fully described in the package readme file. let me know what you think ^_^