Converting PMF to AVI Video -lossless

well, lately i was struggling a lot to find out a working solution for converting or at least being able to watch the pmf video file format from psp on my laptop. but it turn out to be a big hassle and after searching for many hours i just found one solution that didn’t work for my file.

Okay now what’s the deal with pmf!
pmf is a psp video file format that being used in many games for psp. so many games cut scene and movies are actually stored on the UMD with pmf format and all the game is doing is calling the psp AVC(H264) module to play it. so in case you copy one of those pmf file from your psp UMD to pc then you need a method to convert it to a proper format to be able to watch it.

here is what you need to convert pmf to avi: Continue reading