Rotate iPhone Video – Lossless

I was in CP 2010 conference in St Andrews, where I took a video of a nice dinner we had. It turned out that the video was rotated 🙁 I just couldn’t get any way to fix it without re-encoding it. Until today that I suddenly noticed that if you add the movie to Google Picasa on a Mac you can rotate it just as if you rotate a picture and once rotated to make it permanent you just have to export the clip using the export clip button in Picasa. The exported video is simply rotated and is lossless and play well in any video player like VLC, MPC, quicktime,…etc
Enjoy rotating videos!

One thought on “Rotate iPhone Video – Lossless

  1. Just to correct – Picassa re-encodes the video, either as mov (mac) or wmv (windows). Therefore if it is re-encoding it can not be lossless.
    I just tried with a 15MB avi file that i shot rotated and picassa turned it into a 3-4 MB mov and wmv file. While the rotation is simple is is not lossless.

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