Edit Final Fantasy VII – Crisis Core Savegame


Lately, I was playing this awesome game on PSP, and after about 100 hours of playing missions I faced Minerva, the goddess of earth. Facing her was easy, especially with the trick of stealing 99x Phoenix Downs(read ultimate guide from GameFaq). As you may know if you keep stealing this Item from her, you can actually make infinite Gil and SP and therefor you can max all Materia stats.
Okay now the problem reside in stealing ^_^ meaning if you need 99million Gil then you have to keep stealing around 200 times and this is such a frustrating task, specially with the intro video that keep reminding you of her mightiness =P
I suddenly thought of how about editing the Savegame for good ­čśÇ and yeah this makes life much easier without actually cheating on the game since getting infinite SP and Gil was already accomplished by reaching Minerva.
Okay enough of chit chat, here is what you need to edit the Savegame and add maximum allowed Gil and SP:

  1. PSP with CFW 3.xx or higher (of course this is needed since we gonna use a homebrew plugin*)
  2. SaveGame Deemer v1.1 from here
  3. Hex editor (any hex editor is fine!)

Now that you have all the preparation ready, let’s do it! here are the steps:

  1. Install the save game deemer plugin, just follow the instruction in the packet you downloaded.
  2. Now that you have the plugin installed, run the game and load your last savegame. and save it in a new slot. that is where the plugin comes in and saves the unencrypted version of your savegame.
  3. Now exit the game and connect your PSP to pc and go to your PSP memory stick. browse to this folder: PSP/SAVEPLAIN/ULUS10336
    remember that “ULUS10336” may be different for you, but you can still recognize it by looking into SAVEDATA folder and look for any savegame with FFV icon inside. generally for US version of the game you should see “ULUS10336”
  4. Well this folder contain the unencrypted save game, so that means you can edit the save game and then load it! to edit your Gil and SP open the folder and open the file called “SDDATA.BIN” with your hex editor. this file includes all your save game settings. so know you want to know which address point to Gil and SP. here it is:
    Gil address: from 0x00002A08 to 0x00002A0B
    SP address: from 0x00002964 to 0x00002967
    as you can see in the following image:
  5. You can’t simply replace these hex values with all FF to get the maximum, that’s because the game doesn’t support such a high value. so you just have to replace them with maximum supported Gil and SP in game which is 999,999,999
  6. Converting this number to hex will give us: 3B9AC9FF
    this part is a little tricky, you have to know that saving a number in a Hex file is in reverse order so that means if you want to put this number in offset 0x2A08 then you have to put in the following order:
    offset 0x2A08: FF
    offset 0x2A09: C9
    offset 0x2A0A: 9A
    offset 0x2A0B: 3B
    here is how the edited values looks like in hex editor:
    as you see this is in reverse order and it applies to all numbers. so you have to do the same for SP. now you just edit the file as you please and save it.
    look for a folder that starts with “ULUS10336DATA” and ends to a number, the number indicates how many times you saved your game so if you have a folder called “ULUS10336DATA34” then it means this folder holds the save data for the 34th savegame. since in step 2 you saved your game you should look for the greatest number that starts with “ULUS10336DATA”. you can easily find it by sorting the view by name and look for the last folder with greatest number. now keep the number in mind, let’s assume you found 46 as the last savegame number.
  8. Now go back to PSP/SAVEPLAIN
    Make a new folder called “ULUS10336DATA46” make sure you replace “46” in the name with the number you found in step7.
  9. Copy  everything from PSP/SAVEPLAIN/ULUS10336 to PSP/SAVEPLAIN/ULUS10336DATA46
    This step means you are making a new savegame exactly the same as the encrypted version but when you try to load this save game the plugin will load the unencrypted version which was edited by you <3
  10. Now just remove the PSP from pc and start the game and load your last savegame, you should be able to see your changes.
  11. Finally, when you finished with all the editing disable the plugin from recovery menu of your PSP.

I hope this post gives you an idea of how editing a savegame works ^_^. Please let me know if there is anything unclear by leaving comments.

* Of course having a CFW PSP brings tons of new features to your PSP,┬ábut that doesn’t mean you stop buying these priceless games, ya know right!

Converting PMF to AVI Video -lossless

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Okay now what’s the deal with pmf!
pmf is a psp video file format that being used in many games for psp. so many games cut scene and movies are actually stored on the UMD with pmf format and all the game is doing is calling the psp AVC(H264) module to play it. so in case you copy one of those pmf file from your psp UMD to pc then you need a method to convert it to a proper format to be able to watch it.

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