Guild Wars 2 API Python Wrapper

I have recently finished writing a Python wrapper for Guild Wars 2 API. This wrapper fully implements all the endpoints specified by version 2 of the API. It also provides fully parallel implementation, which allows the developer to create a list of requests and get the results asynchronously. The parallel pool is fully customisable with the number of threads and a timeout.
A simple example of how the wrapper works is given below:

The above function creates a list of requests (req=[]) and calls the gw2api wrapper to add a requests to the list based on the given parameters. The parameters are similar to the example given in the wiki page of Guild Wars 2 API ( The wrapper then fetch all the request in a parallel pool of 5 threads with a given timeout. The results would look like:
python test_continent results
Try this wrapper at and feel free to leave comments here or ask questions.

UPDATE: The wrapper is now available through the official Guild Wars 2 wiki at: